For guests from abroad who are considering a stay in Yao Kumagawa

This article has been compiled for international guests who are considering a stay at Yao Kumagawa. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us here. Our staff will reply to you individually!

Yao Kumagawa is an old private house inn for rent in Kumagawa-juku, Wakasa-cho. We run our four-room inn with the desire to preserve and present the historical townscape and the old, beautiful Japanese way of life that remains in this town.

Kumagawa-juku is an post-town in the mountains connecting Kyoto and Wakasa.
The town has been a place where many travelers have rested their bodies.

About Kumagawa-juku, where the inn is located

The streets of Kumagawa-juku are historically valuable scenery designated as a national cultural heritage
In the landscape of mountain ranges and satoyama
You can feel the breath of life and the blessings that flow through the town.

Enjoy the food of Wakasa with its water.
Enjoy a peaceful moment that fills your heart.

About Yao-Kumagawa

Yaokumagawa is an old private house in Kumagawa-juku.
There are four inns that have been renovated from old private homes built over 100 years ago.

Each has a different interior design, so please choose the one that best suits your taste.
All of them are Whole house rental, so you can relax and enjoy your stay as if it were your own vacation home without worrying about your surroundings. (The room HIBARI and TSUGUMI are adjacent to each other)

About each rooms

Each room is named after a small animal in the mountain village of Kumagawa.

Hotaru is a small inn located in Shimonomachi, a quiet part of Kumagawa-juku.
It is a simple private house that makes the most of natural materials.
At sunset, the light leaking from the windows gently illuminates the road like fireflies.
Please spend a peaceful time listening to the murmuring of the Maegawa River.

The stone garden and the living room are connected to each other.
You can enjoy a lively meal around the large island kitchen. Rest your body and mind in the spacious bedroom with a small tatami room.
Feel the warmth of the veranda and enjoy a relaxing time as if you were living in an inn.

This is a calm room with gentle light.
Enjoy conversation over the counter while cooking.
Two bedrooms of different heights are loosely connected in this unusual layout. Enjoy a peaceful moment with your loved one around a table with water flowing through it.

Located in a quiet area off the main road, Yamane is an inn in an earthen storehouse.
The largest storehouse in Kumagawa has been renovated into an inn that can accommodate up to five guests.
The approach through the stone pavement and large warehouse door creates an atmosphere of being cut off from everyday life.
Wifi signal is weak in some areas due to the nature of the storehouse.

Room Facilities

Equipped with WI-FI
Seasonings, cooking utensils, and tableware are provided in the room, so you can enjoy cooking.
There is a washing machine in the room, so you can stay for a long time.


We prepare meals using plenty of fresh local vegetables and seafood.


■From Tokyo: 3 hours 30 minutes by train + 30 minutes by bus
Take the Shinkansen to Kyoto
At Kyoto Station, transfer to the Kosei Line and get off at Omi Imazu Station.
From Omi Imazu Station, board a local bus bound for Obama on the Wakae Line and disembark at the Wakasa Kumagawa bus stop.

■From Osaka: about 1 hour and 20 minutes + 30 minutes by local bus
From Osaka, take the JR Tokaido Sanyo Honsen Line "Shin-Kaisoku" bound for Tsuruga.
From Omi Imazu Station, board a local bus bound for Obama on the Wakae Line and disembark at the Wakasa Kumagawa bus stop.

The nearest airport is Kansai International Airport

How to make a reservation

Reservations can be made through this website (the reservation website has a translation function, so you can read about the room and meal details here).