Eat on-the-go while exploring Kumagawa


There are several dining spots in Kumagawa-juku where you can enjoy local gourmet food. We will provide a map of the various dining spots in Kumagawa-juku upon check-in. Savour the tastes of Kumagawa-juku while exploring the streets.


  • Marushin
    Sushi, Japanese arrowroot soba, Japanese arrowroot dessert
  • Hinokiya
    Soba restaurant
  • Iwamoto Shoten
    Fried konjac
  • Saba Cafe
    Mackerel sandwich
  • Hamayaki Yasubee
    Grilled mackerel
  • Sol ’s Coffee
    Specialty coffee shop
  • ※Only information will be provided for the above. Guests will explore the various spots by themselves.